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Join us on this exciting journey as we build our brand new dream home.

This series is set out to show you the tips and tricks in construction. The good and bad moments and hopefully, provide you a little more detail about what goes into build.

During this series we will tackle basement building, kitchen and joinery layouts, electrical components, detailed landscaping plans ad even the colour selection process to bring your vision to life. It's anything and everything you go through as a client.

Look out for the tips and tricks, the do's and don'ts and make note of all the things to ask as we go through the process from start to finish.

Join us for interviews with our trades and suppliers along the way, as they help showcase the new products and ideas for you to use in your own build.


Let's start the journey.


Welcome to the Morley Project.

Episode One we sit down with with our architects to understand the design and see our dream home start to take shape. Join us to get a better understanding of our design selections from interviews with J Mammone Architects, Beaumont Tiles, Weathertex and many more.


In this episode we're back on site, the slab is poured and its time to move on. The steel is delivered and we take time to chat with our steel suppliers, our bricklayers and our roofers to get a better understanding of the product's we have chosen and their advantages in this custom build.


In this episode we work our way through the different options for design and layout of the pool, visit's from the Weathertex team, the delivery and installation of the custom front door and interviews with the installers from Velux skylights that are throughout the house!


Starting the interior and exterior design! In this episode we spend time with the Style Up Kitchen team to work out our cabinetry throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Join us also as we pour our custom two and half ton kitchen island bench!


In this episode we take you in for the preparation and installation of our plasterboard and tiling. A more in depth look into our bathroom designs and some of the challenges we faced whilst designing our balcony space! 


Join us in this episode for a consultation for our exterior landscaping and design. Looking at different options for main focal points and areas outside. discussions around which plants and grass will suit and match to create a seamless design from interior to exterior


This episode takes you in for the last week of the Morley Project, through the rain and floods this episode show's the obstacles that we faced coming towards the finish line. Interior design is coming together and the pool is filling up. Its time for the final stretch!


Welcome back to the Morley Project.

Join us on-site with Cassy, Jarrod and Nathan for day one of breaking ground.

Follow along as we mark, dig and pour our way through the first steps to creating a dream custom home.

In this episode you will see all of the obstacles that can arise when digging on site and the most efficient and cost effective ways to over come these challenges.

Join us for the conclusion and unveiling of The Morley Project. This season's final episode takes you in for the launch night and interviews with our main suppliers and owners on what an incredible journey building this custom home has been!

So whats next? we have some very exciting news to share with you all!  We cannot wait to unveil the amazing progress being made with...

                   The Morley Project 2.0


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